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The War of the Last Two Pope's Against Modernity

Notes and quotes on The Pope's War: Why Ratzinger's Secret Crusade Has Imperiled The Catholic Church and How It Can Be Saved by Matthew Fox.
Not being Catholic, I confess that I have not paid much attention to the world of Roman Catholic church politics. Like many, I had a good impression of Pope John Paul II and an unfortunate impression of Pope Benedict XVI. But reading The Pope's War introduced me to a war, sometime overt but mostly covert, by John Paul II and Benedict XVI against modernity.
John Paul knew very well how to use the media to create a good impression. What many did not realize is that John Paul worked very hard to reverse the changes of Vatican II and that Benedict was his right hand man in that endeavor. Both were arch-conservatives who preferred that the Catholic Church be organized on a monarchical pattern, much like during the Middle Ages. So they actively persecuted Roman Catholics who questioned this approach (see the list here). Specifically, they sought to destroy Liberation Theology, and they completely succeeded. In the process, they sided with and frequently funded right-wing dictators in South America, in concert with the Reagan Administration and the CIA.

Persecuted by Wojtyla and Ratzinger

Matthew Fox

The following Roman Catholics have been silenced by order of the Vatican on the behalf of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. This campaign of suppression represents the death of Vatican II and the supremacy of the patriarchal, authoritarian old boys network.

The Catholic Right

Frank Cocozzelli
Mon May 08, 2006 at 07:23:20 AM EST

"INTRODUCTION: In light of the attention over the release of Ron Howard's film The DaVinci Code, the ultra-conservative group Opus Dei has become a subject of much discussion. Some of it is accurate, some is not.  

 I am a Church-going Roman Catholic, an attorney, and an advocate for embryonic stem-cell research. Over the past five years I have continually run into "Catholic" opposition that I ultimately found to be fueled by Opus Dei members or its sympathizers. As a progressive minded member, my Church heroes are Monsignor John A. Ryan, Dorothy Day and Pope John XXIII. To a great extent, the current Catholic Right seeks to undo much of their good work. I believe it is time that the belief and methods of Opus Dei and the broader Catholic Right be exposed. As for the aforementioned inaccuracies in The DaVinci Code, I worry that Opus Dei and other socially conservative groups that rely on Catholic identity to further an agenda may use them as a shield for deflection from more concerns that can adversely affect our pluralistic democracy.  

 The following is the first installment on a four part series on the Catholic Right. The opening piece is intended to be an introduction to American Catholic thought and how it is relevant to the contemporary Catholic Right.


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